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Bill Anderson Men's Scalpings--McMacane

We've been kicking around the killings of Bill Anderson's men at the Widow Turner Farm Fight recently, and attempted to identify the Confederates killed there. In his book Noted Guerrillas, John Edward Newman mentions names, with one of them being McMacane. So in our research we were stuck on McMacane, with either a possible first name of Sandy or Patrick.

Anyway, we had looked at the possibility maybe the name was actually McMahon, or some variation thereof. But we weren't getting much traction with that name either. But...ya know, I've known a guy most of my life by the name of Terry McConnell. And we call him Mac. As in Mac McConnell. But not McMaconnell.

Suppose when JEN was collecting his stories years after the war the people he was talking to were say Mac McCane, not McMacane. I see JEN refers to a more simple "McCane" at least a couple of times in his work. Same guy? I'm thinking it's possible.

So, does anybody have any McCane, McCain, Macahan, etc in their files? Maybe Patrick or Sandy, but not necessarily, since Sandy would be a second nickname for him, and, as I recall, Patrick was just the name of somebody associated with the alternative problematic McMahon theory.