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Oct 18, 1862 Pulaski Co skirmish

As I alluded to in other posts, a Capt. Joseph E Green(e) was captured Nov 19/20 1862 in Pulaski County. I am still not sure that he is the Capt. Green referred to as being at Auxvasse.

In researching this affair I stumbled across this web site with a plethora of information in historical articles about Pulaski County.
Of particular interest is the 1983 edition which has a compilation of OR reports by the principals involved in chronological order.
The Old Stage Coach Stop Inn is still in existence on the square in Waynesville and worth a trip off the interstate to visit. It is an antebellum structure.

On Oct 18, 1862 Col. Albert Sigel got word of Porter's band crossing the river at Portland and that a number of them were headed his way. He was in command of the 13th Regt. Cav. MSM based at Waynesville. He dispatched Capt. Murphy to intercept 200 or so rebels that had crossed on Oct 16 with parts of 4 companies (75 men). He reports killing a Lt Tipton, taking a number of records and arms, and 3 prisoners. Reports the secesh 250 to 300 in number were well equipped and led by a Capt Ely, Brooks and brothers Creggs. All reportedly of Porter's command. Porter did not cross with this group but reportedly would follow on when able.

Multiple Tipton's were killed at Waynesville. First, Jerry Tipton(22), a private in Benjamin Ely's Company (Company F) of Porter's 1 NE Cav. Tipton enlisted in Monroe County July 29, 1862.
Second, Electus Tipton (age 20) was also killed. He too was a Company F member.
Both were privates.

Capt. Benjamin M Ely of Ralls County led Company F as noted above. In his deposition on capture he describes his work for Porter and how he was ordered to organize his company and proceed to Auxvasse in Sept 1862. He describes the capture of the steamer Emille at Portland by his company.

Brooks appears to be Capt. George R Brooks, First Lt then Capt. of Company H Clark's Regt. Infantry. He enlisted July 1 1862 in Callaway County by Porter or another listing has him as Capt Company E Snider's Battln. NE MO Volunteers in August 1862. These were fluid times for guerrillas in NE Missouri frequently disbanding and then regrouping. and

Creggs equals Craigs. This appears to be Capt. David W Craig (42) of Craig's Company (A) Snider's Battln. NE MO Volunteers. His brother William W Craig (32) was 1st Lt. of Craig's Company. Both had MSG F&S experience.
David Craig ends up like Brooks above as a Capt. in Clark's Regt Infantry.

So I think all the evidence points to Co A, Snider's Battln, Co E, Snider's Battln, Co F, Porter's 1st NE MO Volunteers were all in mid Pulaski County on Oct 18th after crossing the Missouri River at Portland on Oct 16th.

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