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Isaac P. Snedicor: Rogue Unionist

On another post I indicated this guy is very interesting. Here's why. In what appears to be his only appearance in the O.R. in March 1862 as Callaway County Provost Marshal he was ordered to seize weapons locally. What isn't contained in the O.R. is that he did so, but never turned them in, apparently, allegedly, handed them out to local rebels. More on this further down.

Anyway, afterwards, on December 3, 1862 Snedicor is no longer major, or PM. Instead he is 2nd lieutenant in Company A, Callaway County EMM. Promoted to captain in CCEMM in February. On December 24, 1862 he is charged with stealing the guns and selling them to the Rebels. Two months later, on Feb. 23, 1863, Snedicor is promoted to captain of that company. Around April 10, 1863, he leads his Union Callaway County EMM command in a raid on the Union hospital in Mexico, Mo. The Boone County EMM just conincidentally happened to be present and does nothing, with their commanding officer, colonel, later general, Thomas Bartholow actually present in the hospital while this is going on and does nothing. Snedicor wrecks the hospital, and tries to snatch runaway slaves. The Audrain County EMM is called to arms and enters the picture, comes to the defense of the slaves and hospital staff, and an armed confrontation between the Union Callaway EMM and the Union Audrain EMM ensues with the Boone EMM watching from the sidelines. Snedicor relents and retreats back to Callway County.

Now get this -- on April 22, 1863, two weeks after his raid on the hospital, Snedicor is detailed to Company H of the newly-formed 1st Provisional EMM, which happens to be commanded by -- you guessed it, Col. Thomas Bartholow. Snedicor brings with him huge numbers of his men from the Callaway EMM, likely who were with him on the Mexico raid.

Now grab your popcorn. So charges with charges already existing for the stolen revolvers and their sale to the rebels a year earlier, Snedicor is now charged for the raid on the Mexico U.S. Hospital, as well as for sending a paid letter to the editor to the Fulton Telegram that was deemed to be treasonous. Snedicor and his apparent political connections apparently can't hold of fate forever -- he is then relieved from duty in the 1st PEMM in July 1863.

Next, with charges piling up and laying all over the place across many months of time, Isaac Snedicor is finally, finally, arrested. Hauled off to Gratiot Prison to face trial in the two different cases. He is held in Gratiot for a year. He is finally tried in December 1864 on both cases.

But, LOL, he ends up being acquited. No witnesses appeared at his trial. Hmmm. Go figure. Case dismissed.

After the war Isaac Snedicor shows up in the historical record as a respected and prominent Callaway County citizen, having successfully navigated the very treacherous competing and often deadly waters of Conservative Unionist, Radical Unionist, and Confederate Callaway County Civil War politics.

Long story short -- I'm looking for any information on the raid on the U.S. Hospital in Mexico that Snedicor led.

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