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MG Singlton was the Democratic Cedar Twsp candidate for representative in the state Legislature on a number of occaisions. He was also a Probate Judge for awhile in the '70's

Clip below indicates an incident during a primary:

BEATEN NEARLY TO DEATH. Colonel M. G. Singleton of Callaway IS Chastised by an Injured Husband. Mexico (Mo.) Ledger. The greatest excitement was created in Fulton about 9 oclock Saturday night, caused by the severe chastisement of Colonel M. G. Singleton, well known is this, Boone and Callaway counties, by a man named Sam Thomas, who claims that he found Singleton and Mrs. Thomas in a most compromising position. The loud cries of the woman first alarmed the neighborhood, and when people began to arrive Thomas was beating tho life out of Singleton with rocks and clubs. Singleton was so badly injured that it will take him months to recover. An eye-witness says he was literally covered with blood from head to foot, and that he had as many as a dozen gashes cut ln his head from a rock in the hands of the injured husband. Thomas and family formerly lived on a farm owned by Colonel Singloton, and the latter being ln town to the primaries was invited home by Thomas to get supper. After the meal both men started down town, but when about half wav Singloton upon some trivial pretext returned to the house. Thomas, it seems, prior to this had upon several occasions his suspicions aroused and he returned also to his home. When he arrived ho claims to have found his suspicions well grounded, Singleton and his wife being nut in the back yard in flagrante delicto. Then the terrible work of the infuriated husband began. He beat Singleton into an almost unrecognizable mass and the verdict of the people is, we arc informed, that his punishment was just. The wife claimed to her husband that Singleton forcibly made her submit to his desires. Atone time there were strong intimations of a mob taking Single-ton in hand, but wiser counsel prevailed and he was conveyed to his home out in tiie country. Both parties were placed under arrest. Mrs. Thomas says this is the first time Colonel Singleton ever made an improper proposal to her; that she had not yet clone anything wrong, and that she did not wish to yield to his desires and is glad her husband came to her aid when he did to save her from disgrace. Mrs. Thomas suffored great mental agony and tried several times to commit suiciilo, so our informant states.
The Kansas City Times
Kansas City, Missouri
27 Aug 1886, Fri • Page 6

Big farm near Centralia:
Mr. M' G. Singleton recently sold his fine farm "Grassland" near Centralia in Boone County to Nelson Booth and brother of Ann Harbor, Michigan, for $30,000 cash. The farm contains 2020 acres.
The Border Times
Weston, Missouri
19 May 1865, Fri • Page 2

He was bankrupt in 1877 per

From Frank James recalling the Centralia Massacre:

-But Anderson had much to make him merciless You remember the treatment his father and sisters received at the hands of the Kansas Jayhawkers That night we camped on one of the branches leading into Young's creek not far from the home of Colonel M G Singleton. There were about 225 men all told in our combined command.
The Kansas City Star
Kansas City, Missouri
27 Sep 1908, Sun • Page 38

So with this and the BLM info I think we can pinpoint the camp if that's the point. But no doubt at all that Col Singleton is the MSG Lt Col. He obviously used the title for the rest of his life as lawyer, farmer, land developer, scoundrel, and politician.

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