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Quantrill's man, Jim Wyatt

In the summer of 1863 five women from the Cracker-neck district of Kansas City were hauling powder and shot in wagons to family members fighting the Union Army. Those five women were two sisters of Bill Anderson, two sisters of Jim Munday (a Mrs. Grey and Sue Munday); and a sister of Jim Wyatt (Miss Wyatt).

Federal soldiers searched the wagons and arrested the women, who were taken to the woman's jail on the 1400 block of Grand Street. Most readers of this board are familiar with what happened next--the building collapsed, and several of the woman were killed, leading to the revenge raid on Lawrence.

Anyway, in one of the more detailed accounts of the event it was stated "Miss Wyatt, sister of Jim Wyatt, who was with Quantrell...." and "When the news of this disaster reached the ears of Bill Anderson and Jim Wyatt, whose sisters' dead bodies had been the dragged from the ruins, the story goes that they swore terrible vengeance, and Lawrence, the stronghold of those who adhered to the union in the border warfare, should be burned and it's inhabitants killed...."

Has anybody ever run across anything on Jim Wyatt? I'm wondering if he and his sister are tied to Bill Anderson's friend, mystery man Cave Wyatt, who was the subject of posts on this board a couple years ago trying to figure out who he was.

So now we have mystery man Jim Wyatt who also has close Bill Anderson ties....

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