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Tough one Kirby.

Try this one on for size:
James Morgan Wyatt
From Virginia, Residence Cass County MO 1860. Has 2 sisters of right age without recorded death dates but do not appear after 1860 census.
He is listeed as a Pvt Co A 2nd MO Cav. Taken prisoner at Warrensburg. Lands at Alton. Ends up in Texas post war.

James Morgan "John" Wyatt (1828-1905) was born to Edmund and Margaret Wyatt in Lebanon, Russell Co., VA. He was a boot- and shoemaker by trade, living first in Logan County, West Virginia, then Cass County, Missouri where he married in 1857 to Mary Catherine Beagles and had a son, Charles E. Wyatt, the following year.

James served the Confederacy in Company A, 2nd Missouri Cavalry. After being captured in Warrensburg, Missouri and imprisoned in Alton, Illinois by Union forces, he was released at the end of the War, went home, and found his wife remarried with children, having believed him to be dead.

He visited his eight year old son, then left for Arkansas where he married about 1866 to Eliza Mears. They had Ella, Margaret and William Robert Wyatt in Texas before moving to St. Jo, TX, where his Missouri son, Charles E. Wyatt, joined him in 1880. His wife, Eliza, also died in 1880, and James Wyatt married his third wife, Isabelle Coley, in 1880. She finished rearing his children and had five more surviving children -- James Cleveland, George Whitt, Ida Mae, Irb Boggess, and Odelia Curtis; three more infants did not survive.

His pension app gives a bit more info on service see:

There are several other candidates but none with sisters that did not survive the war or clearly have military records that eliminate them. I have not looked at the numerous James Whites.

I also found a side comment that Cave Wyatt's mother lived at Sweet Springs MO. No reference so I am trying to track that down as well.

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