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From Official Records, ser. 1, Vol. 13, Page 321:

OCTOBER 18, 1862.—Skirmish at California House, Mo.
Report of Col Albert Sigel, Thirteenth Missouri Cavalry (Militia).
Hdqrs. 13th Reot. Cav., Mo. S. M.,
Waynesville, Mo., Oct. 18,1862.
Colonel: In compliance with your dispatch, received last evening, that 200 rebels had crossed the Missouri at Portland the night before and tried to make their way south, I thought it best to let them come near our post, so as to be able to intercept them whenever they tried to cross our line. I therefore ordered Captain Murphy, after midnight, with portions of four companies, numbering 75 men, toward the Gasconade, while I had another force of about 100 men ready to throw on them whenever I could get information where they intended to cross.
At about 10 o’clock this morning I received a report that Captain Murphy had not only found their trace, but was in hot pursuit of them. It was also reported that they had turned southwest, and it was now certain to me that they would cross our line 7 miles west from here, near the California House. I immediately started there with the force already mentioned, and we were scarcely ten minutes near the California House when they drove in our advance guard, under Lieutenant Muller, of Company A, who fell back and brought them into the line of Lieutenant Brown, of Company F, whose men were dismounted. We now pitched into them from all sides, and in a few minutes they ran for their lives. Captain Murphy was also nearly up at that time, and drove a portion of them before him, scattering them in all directions.
The estimate of the rebels killed is 20, among them Lieutenant Tipton, and as many are wounded. We captured a secesh flag, 2 roll-books, some horses, and some shot-guns and Austrian rifles; made 3 prisoners, and liberated 2 Union men, whom they had prisoners. We had only 1 man slightly wounded. I ordered the secesh population of the neighborhood to bury the dead and to care for the wounded rebels.
The rebels were well armed and equipped and 250 to 300 strong. They were commanded by Captain Ely, Captain Brooks, and two captains both with the name of Creggs, and were a part of Colonel Porter’s command, who did not cross the Missouri with them but promised to follow them with a larger force.
All our officers and men behaved well. Captain Smith (Company H) has not yet, at 8.30 p. m., come back from pursuing the rebels.
I remain, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Colonel, Comdg. Thirteenth Regiment Cavalry, Mo. S. M.

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