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The Battle of Shaw's Shop

Morton, Ray County, Missouri

Sunday, September 18, 1864

During the summer and fall of 1864, units of the

51st Enrolled Missouri Militia (EMM) were constantly

moving in and out of Ray County chasing the Southern

partisans. Co. F, under the command of Lt. William

Ralston, was stationed at Shaw's Shop in Morton,

about 20 miles east of Richmond.

For almost a week the men on Co. F had been

foraging the area gathering up items for a special

Sunday dinner planned for September 18th.

Chickens, hams, vegetables, fruits, flower and

sugar were all on their shopping list.

Two young men walked over to the area where all

the cooking was going on. The pickets stopped them!

and asked who they were.

The boys responded, "We are Johnny Rebs". The

pickets let them pass and the young men headed over

to the tent where the food was being cooked.

Suddenly there was a lot of commotion by the

food tent. Bushwhackers, under the command of

George Todd and wearing Federal uniforms, rode in

hollering the rebel yell and shooting up the place.

A number of Ralston's men were killed before the

fighting was over. The remaining men of the 51st

hurriedly left town and Todd's men sat down to a

luscious meal.

The History of Ray County lists the killed as

William Harris, Rich Lozier, Elias McBee, Napoleon!

Petty, John Phillips and John Solomon.

The proceeding item was gleaned from the current

issue of the Ray County Reflections Quarterly, Vol.

ALL, No. 3, page 83.

The story was told by Miss Louise Darneal whose

father, Henry, and uncle, William, are the two lads’

who walked down to the tent and proudly proclaimed

themselves to be "Johnny Rebs".

The two boys were living with their uncle, John

Hubbell, at the time. Hubbell had founded the village

of Morton in 1850. Hubbell was a known Southern

sympathizer, according to the article.

Mr, Hubbell's life was threatened several times

after the battle and he eventually moved his family to

Centralia, Illinois, according to Miss Darneal's text.

After the War he moved back to Missouri, settling

in Columbia where he was a successful merchant and

an early trustee of the Christian Church and Christian

College in that city, stated Miss Darneal.

This battle is listed in the Regimental History of

Missouri Units in the War of Rebellion under the 51st EMM. It is also mentioned in History of Ray County.

There is also a reference to this skirmish in "Warren Welch Remembers, A Civil War Guerrilla from Jackson County, Missouri" by Joanne Chiles Eakin. This is basically Warren Welch's Memoir. Page 13 "At the fight Shaw's Shop, John Jackson was killed....." no mention of where he was buried.

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