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Ambush Site, Anderson Camp Site, Fed Base Site

As promised, here are multiple exact quotes from part of what I have dug up on the Anderson Fishing River camp site, the base site where Cox and his Feds formed, and ambush site. Some of it reads like a treasure map, lol. If anybody does any metal detecting as a consequence of what I'm providing I'd appreciate a bullet if you find paydirt....

FYI--I have more site data I'm still looking for. But this may be more than enough--for now, there's a wealth of detail included here pinpointing the sites--much more than one generally finds on skirmishes, and may be able to help a man stand exactly on the spot. Hopefully this variety of detailed quotes doesn't turn out to be just a bunch of wild memories or imaginings, and will all match up when coordinated, as opposed to sending someone all over the countryside with competing data.

I'm a ways from distilling this site information myself--so anybody doing any sleuthing on this please let us know what you come up with. Google Earth postings would be nice. I would do it myself but as you might surmise I'm making significant headway in uncovering new information on other aspects of this compelling story and don't want to lose my train of thought or momentum by getting sidetracked playing around with maps.

Good luck---

"Captain Anderson was killed at a spot, about 300 yards west of the then Albany church, which spot was approximately 100 yards south of the Albany coal mine."

"The land description of the battlefield of Albany is near the southwest corner of section 13, township 51, range 29."

"The Chas. Kirkham farm (as you call it) joins the old town of Albany, on the west. This particular piece of land was given my mother and father, when they were married about the year 1877. My grandfather, Riley Blythe, was the donor. Where was Captain Bill Anderson killed? I have plowed over the spot, many, many times--and could go within a few feet of it, were I there, to do so. It is on the same piece of land mentioned above, and about one-eighth of a mile southwest of the air shaft of the Albany coal mine." Note: Point of reference and context on this--this statement was made by Valle Blythe Kirkham, son of Charles R. Kirkham, grandson of Riley Blythe, regarding land originally settled by William Mullins

"The exact spot was pointed out to my father by Mr. H. Clay Perdue, who, I think, was a resident of Albany, at the time the battle was fought. He was one time Sheriff of Ray County, the position his son Wilbur now holds. He was later in business in Orrick. One time, father and I were replanting corn in that field, and, when we came near the place, father pointed it out to me--and I always remembered it by certain landmarks. My sister, Lillian Kirkham Turner, now owns the land." This would have been circa 1936

"The Rebels were camped three quarters of a mile southwest of the Riley Blythe home, which stood less than a mile northwest of where Captain Anderson was killed. Mother said the men passed the home all morning, some walking and some on horses, on their way to the scene of the battle. They formed along the branch of a small stream, on the west side of the Chas. Kirkham farm. This branch is on the dividing line between the Kirkham farm and the Becca Jane Blythe Stokes farm. The Union men (I have been told) were on horses, and formed along Kenney creek half a mile to the east."

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