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3D Google Position of Battle and Camp Sites

David, I've had a little time to play around with 3D mapping tools for better reference. Hopefully the cut and paste of the link will translate well at your end.

Remembering that all this is just my studied opinion on positioning and I am always amenable to changing it based upon new information...right now I am pretty sure this is where everybody was situated on October 27, 1864.

Okay, at the far lower right corner is where the road elbow was where the Feds could position at two angles without shooting each other. That current highway running top to bottom of screen was the scene of the action--it came down past that current road running horizontal across the screen (which didn't exist back then) and then doglegged along what is now that bottom-most left to right tractor track towards the screen's bottom. It was heavily treed to the north/right, and bottom/east. These are the positions the Feds were in.

Towards the top of the screen, which is west, a little over three fourths the way towards the top of the screen before the road curves, there's a parking lot and building visible. That's Dollar General today. Maybe a bit further off the road, towards the railroad tracks (the tracks weren't there back then), that's the general area where Hendley's camp had been located for several days and where Bill Anderson and his men joined him the night before. Doesn't look like much of a hideout today, but that was heavily treed back then too, and would have been a fine one.

Baker and his decoy force moved up the road, pretended to stumble into the Hendley/Anderson camp, shot a few rounds, wheeled back around and dashed back down the road, which is now the paved highway. Galloping back towards the bottom of the screen, at the base of the screen they took a right hand turn (they were coming towards you so it's their right, your left), which is south. Anderson obligingly followed him, and the ambush was sprung. Of course bullets would have been flying all over, but the bulk, in my opinion, would now be found in the area bordered by the road at the right of the screen, and the road which runs left to right towards the middle of the screen (as mentioned, that road did not exist at the time).

Wait till after harvest when they plow, and before they plant, get the farmer's permission and give him a cut of the findings, and go in and metal detect. I could be wrong but it should be decent hunting.

Here's the new link...hope it works in 3D...,+MO+64077/@39.2204839,-94.1125793,121a,35y,266.2h,78.91t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x87c10a47003e873f:0x2b7b71b1161c4dc8!8m2!3d39.2127849!4d-94.1227232!16zL20vMHd6cjY?entry=ttu

One postscript--before they deployed at the road elbow ambush site, the Feds had been based just east to their rear, on Kenney Creek. There might be some artifacts there, but wouldn't be as rich in them as the battlesite and Anderson campsite. And the particular location of that site is much more open to question....

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