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I went to the Missouri Historical Society at Columbia, MO today to do some Civil War research. While there I looked up the Compiled Service Record for Wesley A. Middleton.

Standard Bi-Monthly Roll Cards: [‘Sick’ is also used for wounded]

Enrolled in Company E, 29th Missouri Infantry (USA) at Ironton, MO for 3 years.
Muster In on September 6, 1862 at Benton Barracks, MO
Muster to October 31, 1862: Present – Received $13 advance pay
November/December 1862: Absent - Wounded in action December 29 near Vicksburg
January/February 1863: Absent - Hospital Boat
March/April 1863: Absent - Hospital Boat
May/June 1863: Absent - Hospital Boat
July/August 1863: Absent - Hospital Boat
September/October 1863: Absent - Sick in Lawson Hospital at St. Louis
November/December 1863: Absent - Sick in hospital at St. Louis
January/February 1864: Absent
March/April 1864: Absent
May/June 1864: Absent
July/August 1864: Absent
September/October 1864: Absent – Sick
November/December 1864: Absent
January/February 1865: Absent
March/April 1865: Absent – Wounded in the charge at Chickasaw Hill, Miss, December 29, 1862
Muster Out on June 12, 1865 at Washington D.C.
[This was probably a technicality to close up paperwork and Wesley was not actually at D.C.]
Last Paid on October 31, 1862
Clothing Advance: $30.23
Bounty Paid: $35 – Due: $75

Hospital Roll for Benton Barracks, St. Louis:
May/June 1863: Patient
May/June 1863: Patient
Attached: June 4

Overall service card:
December 1862 to April 1864: Absent – Sick, wounded in battle and storming of Chickasaw Hills near Vicksburg, Miss December 29, 1863 – Benton Hospital Boat
May 1864: Absent – Sick Patterson, MO December 29
June to December 1864: Absent – Sick Hospital Boat
January to March 1865: Absent – Sick

The above information is in regard to his service with the 29th MO Inf. There was a card that indicated he was also associated with the 35th Company, 2nd Battalion VGG. He was probably transferred there, but the 29th MO Inf person probably did not know that and kept him on their rolls.

There were no records that I could find for the 35th VGG. Also there were no casualty sheets in this file that I am used to seeing.

And one last thing:
Wesley A. Middleton was 22 years old, 5’-7” tall, light complexion, gray eyes and had sandy hair. He was born in Wayne County, Tenn and was a farmer.
[Do not take the birthplace as the absolute truth – I have seen errors on that]

As a side note:
I am researching the Battle of Kirksville, MO in which the Confederate group was under the command of Colonel J. C. Porter. I was going through the service records of one of the Companies (Hick’s) and came across one soldier that I think was misfiled: J. G. Middleton (His first name may have been John). He was a Private with Company C, 1st Missouri Cavalry (CSA). He was captured at Ironton on December 30, 1863. He was put into the hospital on July 16, 1864 for rubeola and returned to his quarters on July 22, 1864. He was placed back into the hospital on August 14, 1864 and died on August 17, 1864 from typho malaria fever.

According to Joanne Chiles Eakin’s book:” Missouri Prisoners of War from Gratiot Street Prison, Myrtle Street Prison, St. Louis and Alton Prison, Alton, Illinois”:
John Middleton was a citizen that was from Ironton and captured at Ironton. He was both at Gratiot and Myrtle. He died at Alton on August 17, 1864 [The fact that he was listed as citizen indicates to me that he was in service with the 1st MO Cav (CSA) and then left to go home as his term was up or on leave, or just quit.]

I do not know if John G. Middleton is a relative of yours or not. If so, you lucked out that I looked up Wesley’s record and then went though the Hick’s rolls and recognized the name Middleton and it was misfiled.

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