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New Book

Sometime ago I posted a message regarding the pubication of the Robert C. Dunlap memoir, "As the Mockingbird Sang," by the St. Joseph Museum. He served in Landis' MO Battery, which was subsequently incorporated into Guibor's MO Battery.

Now the Museum has published the memoir of Robert's brother, Samuel, under the title of "Fishing in Deep River." Samuel served in the same artillery batteries. Samuel's memoir is much more detailed than Robert's however, for it is over 400 pages in length. Samuel reports on his service in the Missouri State Guard and then his extended service with the artillery. It sells for about $30., is a nice hard-cover with illustrations, and can be ordered online from the St.Joe Museum.

I recommend both books if you have any interest in Missouri Confederate units in general, and especially if you have an affintiy for the artillery.