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Where did John Herrin die, Nov. 1862?

Help! I am amazed at the knowledge this board has, so maybe you can help me figure out where a person was killed.

Family records state: John Herrin died November 1862 in battle.

I would like to know which battle. This is a confusing story, so I will separate out the facts.

John Herrin lived in Macon Co with his family prior to the war. His cousins and uncle were in the MSG.

Edmond Herrin, uncle - 1st Corp in Company A, 4th Regiment, 3rd Division.
Charles Herrin, cousin - Company G, 4th Regiment, 3rd Division.
Clark Herrin, cousin - Company G, 5th Regiment, 3rd Division.

His Uncle (Edmond Herrin) and future brother-in-law (George W. Elliott) were in the Company B, 5th Missouri Infantry. Edmond disappears from the rolls after the Atlanta campaign, and George was wounded at Franklin.

Col. J. A. Poindexter led the consolidated 4th and 5th Regiments of the 3rd Division of the Missouri State Guard during the battle of Elkhorn Tavern. John’s uncle and cousins were under Poindexter’s command.

Civil war records list a John Daniel Herrin as serving in Poindexter’s Regiment, captured either August 7 or August 26, 1862 in Linn County and dying at Johnson’s Island. Family records say this is John’s brother Daniel.

The Provost Marshall records for Missouri has an entry for a Daniel Herrin from Macon Co., MO, dated March 12, 1862, that states “Charges against Herron for rebelling against the government of the United States. Notes Herrin was trying to join Price’s army; released upon taking the oath and forfeiture of his horse.”

I believe Daniel Herrin was either 1) recruited into Poindexter’s army, possibly by his brother John, and was captured either when Poindexter’s Army was defeated in August 1862 or 2) recruited into Porter’s Army and captured after the battle of Kirksville. Daniel possibly gave his name as John to avoid being killed because he previously took to Oath.

So where was John killed in November 1862? I have looked through the confederate records for Missouri, Arkansas and Texas, and can not find a John Herrin dying in November 1862. There were no major battles in Missouri in 1862.

Could John have been a guerrilla in Missouri? Family notes say John came to visit the home in Macon County during the war, and always kept his horse saddled when he visited.

There were no major engagements for the 5th Missouri in November 1862.

To refine my question, where would someone who had been with the MSG and possibly recruited for Poindexter, have been fighting in November 1862?

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