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Calvin Blankenship, John,David,&Richard Buckner

Hello, I am needing information the following:
All in Missouri
Buckner, David M. Texas County,Boone Township, Bond of $1000, date )01-12-1863
Bucknaer, David M. Texas Co. Boone Tsp. Oath of Loyaty 01-12-1863

Buckner, John Phelps Co. Relfe Tsp. Bond of $1000 12-01-1862
Buckner, John Phelps Co. Relfe Tsp. Oath of Loyalty 11-22-1862

Buckner, Richard C. Phelps Co. Little Piney Tsp. Bond of $1000 12-04-1862
Buckner, Richard C. Phelps Co. Little Piney Oath of Loyaty 12-04-1862

Blankenship,Calvin Texas Co. $1000 Bond. Cannot leave Texas or Phelps Counties 01-09-1863
Blankenship, Calvin Texas Oath of Allegiance 01-12-1863

I am told that these three men were all arrested by the Union army as they were evidently confederates or bushwhackers. Two men lost their lives being two of the Buckner brothers and one of them had his home burned twice by the Union army . The other man Calvin Blankenship was shot (supposedly 12 times) and hung in front of his house and they were robbed and had all family positions taken "supposedly".

I am interested in why they were killed and why Blankenship was not to leave the two counties.

Any info would be appreciated.

Linda Glaus

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