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col. david shanks

i wish to thank everone ,,,gil,,,bruce,,,marian,,,for trying to help me. it is verry important to me,and i hope i can find my gg grandfather.

i do think he is the col.

i went to lone jack lookin for info,,,they have the grave yard, and a tiny museum it was nice but they were redoing it and couldnt find much,,,i found bronze plack, i think it was a grave marker it had the guys name and below it said he was with shanks co. it was the first time i had been there and i was verry dissapointed,,, there were houses and buildings all around,,, not what i expected
i was told the only thing that have saved it was harry truman had took a intrest in it. i think someone else has taken it over,,,maby they can save it.

im still looking.

thank yall,