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Re: Tenth Missouri Cavalry 1864-65

apparently some rolls sunk to the bottom of the mississippi. There were some stay behinds who stayed in Vicksburg for a long time. My Michael was one of them.

6/30/1864 – Michael Donlan is listed as “ near Vicksburg, Miss.”

8/31/1864- Michael is listed as “absent on d.s. in the field”

6/30/1865 – Michael is listed “near Edgefield, Tenn.”

Medical Treatment – Michael is treated from “7/25/1865 to 7/27/1865”, and again on “9/8/1865”

I am trying to research his medical treatment during the war.
I have not been able to locate anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Tenth Missouri Cavalry 1864-65