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Could it be there is another B. F. Jones? I can find no where in the records where he enlisted as a Sergeant or Corporal.
The photo copy of the muster roll states;
This Benjamin Franklin Jones enlisted April 1 1863 as a Pvt. in Co. K, by Col B.F. Parker for the "12th Cav. Mo."
He was transfered to Company E Jan 1 1864.
He was present for the Jan/Feb 1864 muster roll as a private.
He was "in arrest" April 17, 1864 as a private under Company K. Shank's Regt.
Do you have any idea what "L. & Dis. R." means? It was on his "title of record" sheet, which has the "subject: in arrest" Thanks!
I have not figured out how he enlisted in Missouri yet, as he lived in Sevier County Arkansas. But there are to many coincidences, so for "right now" I am assuming this is my Benjamin Jones. I have read where Shank's Regiment picked up many soldiers on his tour thru Arkansas.....
2 of Benjamin's brothers had already died by his enlisted date. And, where he would have been to old before his enlisted date, by 1863 the Confederates were not very picky about age. (He would have been 33 years old)

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