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Don and David,

Please allow me to quote something from my writings and then I will list other references I used to find information on this skirmish.

"More bad fortune befell some of the remaining recruiters [evidently under the command of Confederate Colonel Sidney D. Jackman] the evening of January 21. Lieutenant Colonel Francis T. Russell, with Captain Hubbard Williams and 20 men of the local 61st EMM, armed with shotguns and revolvers and probably acting on a tip, made a night attack on the camp of eight Rebel captains in thick brush on Cedar Creek twelve miles east of Columbia. Among the campers were James S. Wilsom, George W. Langston, and Dr. Julius McGuire all of Boone County, Edward Alexander Muir of Cooper County, and George W. "Parson" Primrose of Knox County. The militiamen managed to capture four including Langston hiding under the freezing water of Cedar Creek and Wilson in a pile of driftwood as well as Muir and Primrose, but McGuire and three others escaped in the darkness. Several of these had also played key roles as recruiters the previous year." (Chapter Two, pages 25-26)

In addition to the sources cited by David are these:
--period newspaper "The Enrolled Militia Among the Secesh--A Sharp Skimish," "Missouri Statesman," Columbia, Boone County, 23 January 1863;
--the above article repeated in "Daily Missouri Democrat," St. Louis, 26 January 1863;
--Frederick Dyer, "A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion," volume 2 (of 3), p. 805 (just a few details of this fight and no narrative);
--the 1882 history of Boone County, pp. 429-30.

Now that I have added this information, please, Don, tell us about your ancestor and his role in this fight as you knew of it before today. Is he one of the men I named? I may have more on some of these.

Bruce Nichols

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