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Liberty Arsenal Report and Maj. Nathaniel Grant?


I'm looking for an original detailed report/account of what was taken, so far I've only seen secondary references.
In David Hinze' notes for his work about Carthage, there is the following on pages 246-7, note 11.

"Tom Dyer, The Liberty Arsenal, The Western Campaigner: Journal of the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association (June 1995), p. 3. The arsenal, orignally called the Missouri Depot, was buitl on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River just south of the small frontier community of Liberty. The depot was intended as a fort to guard the frontier inhabitants from Indians as well as serve as a repository for Federal equipment. The complex was approximately 200 feet by 200 feet with a factory, officers quarters, barracks, and a two story storehouse. The arsenal was involved in the sectional conflict prior to 1861 during the sectional strife commonly known as 'Bleeding Kansas,' when Missourians and Kansans battled over various slavery issues. In the 1850s Missouri citizens raided the depot and removed arms and ammunition used during illegal voting trips into Kansas. When the arsenal was sacked in 1861, Major Grant, ever the dutiful officer, kept a detailed list of the items removed. Some of the more prominent items involved: 3 six-pound brass guns, 12 six-pound iron guns, 1,000 pounds of cannon powder, 9,990 pounds of musket powder, 180,000 musket buck and ball cartridges, flint, 224 percussion rifles, brass mountings, 166 six-pound cannon balls and hundreds of cartridge boxes, belts, buckles, tools, etc. None of the items were ever recovered by the Federal government. The United States sold the arsenal in 1869. Major Grant, still in command of the facility, supervised the closing of the post."

I'm looking for Grant's detailed report of the losses and incident as well as any detailed account from the other side.