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Lou Boyle and his company at 1st Boonville?

In reading the Nancy (nee Chapman) Jones letters I came across the following account of the immediate aftermath of 1st Boonville:

"Lou Boyle and about 40 of his company were taken prisoners, they were kept on a boat two days and nights and were given a little crackers and coffee twice in that time, and made believe they would be shot. Lou doubtless began to think, 'the way of the transgressor to hard'. They, however, took the oath and were released."

Can anyone provide a profile of this gentleman? Was he an officer for a company or just someone the author knew as a prominent individual among the group? From where?

There are two other Boyles listed by Thoma as being from Cooper County (John M. and T.B., given as private and 3rd Sgt. of Co. F, of the 9th MO CSA, Elliot's, respectively.) "The Forgotten Men" lists several (with the s) but don't appear to match. One possible exception is T.E. Boyles, a private captured at M__ford (filter won't accept this proper name) who later died in custody. He was from Saline. I doubt the difference of the "s" at the end of the names is relevant.

The interesting contrast here is that the local Boonville company was apparently under Samuel Cole in the fight--and seems to have been a very informal outfit that disintegrated. This somewhat implies that Lou Boyle belonged to or led a different group from the area, but perhaps not Boonville proper.

Interesting aside: while carefully examining Schnetzer's "More Forgotten Men" I noted that three Holsclaw's (Benjamin, Clifton D., and John W.) from Fayette, Howard County were listed as captured at Boonville. I suspect they were with Capt. Gus Elgin or possibly the Capt. Cooper mentioned by J.A. Walden in his 1929 account. Walden and Cooper escaped by boat but it seems to have been a close scrape.

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