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Milton's and Riggin's Battalions?

Can someone provide the origins of Milton's and Riggin's Battalions? I'm trying to determine if their precursor companies were present at 1st Boonville (and if so which ones they were), 2nd Boonville, or both.

While searching through Schnetzer's "Forgotten Men" for names of those engaged at 1st Boonville, I found over 30 names from Milton's and Riggin's Battalions of the 2nd Div. Most of these came from Co. A of both, but some from Co. B and C of these battalions. For all in these battalions it is unclear which of the Boonville fights they were in.

Typical regions of those I found as being at Boonville follow.
Co. A, Milton's Battn: Montgomery City, Montgomery Co.; Stringfield Store, Coils Store, Shamrock, and Williamsburg all in Callaway Co.
Co. A, Riggin's Battn: Williamsburg, Callaway Co. mostly; Shamrock, Stringfield, and Fulton in Callaway as well. Audrain, Mexico Co.; and one from Banville, Montgomery Co.
Cos. B,C: These are a mix of Montgomery and Callaway as well.

I am having difficulty placing them at either 1st or 2nd Boonville.

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