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Hi Folks,

I would like to ask that those of you who are involved in the "William T. / William C. Anderson Controversy", please observe a few rules of etiquette and consideration for your fellow posters.

First of all, "the Controversy" is a Missouri topic, so it is appropriate to discuss here; however, it is not the ONLY discussion that should be occurring on this site. It is easy to see that you guys are very passionate about "the Controversy" and that's good. But, if this passion leads to a flood of short postings, which tend to "clog" the message board or overwhelm other Missouri in the CW discussion, then I need for you to moderate your posting. Please think about producing longer postings offline, that address all or many of the topics you'd like to address instead of posting 5-15 postings of "one liners" at one time.

Second, the rhetoric in your postings gets a little carried away to the point of being insulting. Both sides have complained to me by email about remarks made to them by the other side. Some of this is valid, some is due to a reading affected by past confrontations. Please when composing your well thought out messages, consider editing out or deleting the sarcasm or the demeaning remarks.

The administrators of this site will be keeping a special watch on "the Controversy" thread. With some moderation and slight alterations of your postings, there will be no need to stop or limit this thread. If however, the rhetoric gets worse or the thread continues to overwhelm all other discussion on this site, it will be necessary to take some action.

Thanks for your consideration.

Jim Martin

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