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Possible Home Guard hanging

OK folks, bear with me on this. A cousin from Mississippi called me and told me she is trying to track down her great-grandfather. The only name she has for him is "J.D. McNeil" and even the initials are under question. Family legend states he returned home from the war on furlough and had a nervous breakdown. When he didn't/wouldn't report back for duty he was reported as being marched in a dress to his death and was hung. This took place in either Jasper or Smith Counties.

Can anyone help identify this man? My cousin has two possible matches...

1: J.D. McNeil buried at Paulding

2: John McNeil buried at Antioch (DoD is 1881 per headstone so that seems to rule this man out).

Here are what I consider the prime matches for this man at CWS&SS...

McNeil, J.
2nd Regiment, Mississippi State Cavalry

McNeil, J.D.
13th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry

McNeil, J.D.
6th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry

McNeil, J.D.
5th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry (State Troops)

McNeil, John 2nd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry (State Troops) (30 days, 1864)

McNeil, John 5th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry (State Troops)

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