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Never Mind!

For two or three weeks, I've been searching through my records of Credit Card and Mail Order purchases of CMSRs in the last couple of months. I've even contacted a lady who had inquired on this message board about James H. Crocker, but she turned out not to be the customer.

A couple of months ago, my employer asked that I begin using Microsoft Outlook, instead of, Microsoft Outlook Express in combination with my Contact Management Software, a product named ACT. I use both a desktop PC and a notebook computer. I do most of my personal and History-Sites.Com work on my desktop and most of my "day job", i.e., selling machine tools on my Notebook. I have all sorts of anti-virus and anti-spam software on both machines. I also have a large number of "Message Rules" in my Outlook Express program that route messages to different folders and "try" to keep separate my personal, History-Sites and business interests. Unfortunately, keeping everything straight recently has been a little confusing and difficult and emails were ending up in unexpected places.

Today, I've been doing a little maintenance on my notebook computer and just before I was about to delete a number of "Sent" emails, I did a quick search of the folder for "Crocker". What do you know, but the order confirmation I sent the customer was there? Unfortunately, I can't find any other record, so far, other than this confirmation. But, at least, now I can mail it and hopefully this patient customer can forgive a little delay due to my confusion.

Like I said, this is the first order "I thought" I had lost. I think we've got things under control now.


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Never Mind!
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