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Hello. So he was wounded at Shiloh and later fought in Atlanta.
That in itself to me would say he was traded someplace for him to have rejoined his men. If you could nail down when the trade came, etc. that in itself would be interesting. Even info on how he recovered such as where did receive help. Did he go home or perhaps he was on a train that took men South to be nursed by the supporters of the CSA?
My I ask, how in the world did you find out that he was wounded at Lickskillet Road?
I found one of my ancestors listed as killed at the Battle of Atlanta, which did not happen, but which I could not get removed from a site in Tennessee because I was not the person who submitted it.
My pug nose and birthmark between the eyes tells me the man lived as he was my great grandfather. Because of that incorrect claim though I do know he fought in that area.
I also know of another person whose ancestor was wounded at Atlanta and was listed as dead, but he recovered. The reason I mention these two happenings is to give you an idea of the madhouse Atlanta was at the time.
You just need to read these boards for a while and you will pick up a lot.
That is called the voice of experience.
Good luck with your search.

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