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Beauvoir Soldiers Home

I am currently researching the Beauvoir Soldiers Home for my Senior Thesis. The home was opened in 1903 as a place for indigent Confederate Veterans and their wives/widows to spend their last days in comfort. By the time it closed in 1957, it had been home to thousands of veterans and their wives.

I am looking for any information anyone has on the Home. I am currently organizing the Soldiers Home archives at Beauvoir and while this includes a wealth of information, I'm sure there's much more out there.

I am also looking for as much accurate information as possible on each veteran and widow. This includes their regiment, Confederate service records, pension applications, photographs, genealogy information, etc. I would like to have service records and accurate regimental information on each veteran but that is going to be difficult given the time and money I have available. Although we already have a box of Mississippi service records that were in Dr. Sullivan's collection. I've got to go through them and see which ones, I think it may be all of the B surnames.

A list of veterans and widows from Beauvoir can be found here:

For more information on the Beauvoir Soldiers Home you can go to

Please email me at if you have questions or information to share.


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