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Hiring of Substitutes to Serve

I have run across an instance of Person A having "arranged" with person B for Person B to serve in the Mississippi 1st Infanty Regiment (State Troops) "Minute Men."

The somewhat peculiar thing about this substitute is that in several "unofficial" records, e.g., the CW Soldiers and Sailors system, the name of Person A (A Mississippi Judge from Attala County) appears as the person who served, not Person B (who actually served)..

My question concerns "official" CSA records or official State of Mississippi documents - does anyone know of any such documents in which the name of Person A's name, instead of Person B's name (the substitute) would appear on such documents as muster rolls, etc.?

My guess is that in the case of substitutes, only person B's name (the substitute) would appear.

I am securing Person B's name in this example to see if he is also mentioned in the CW S and S system, but have not done that yet.

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