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1st Mississippi Light Artillary Co G

According to records I searched at Jackson, Mississippi my great grandfather, W.R. Wadsworth served in the 1st Mississippi light Artillery, was captured on April 9,1865 at Blakeley, Alabama, and paroled as a prisoner on May 6, 1865 at Camp Townsend. Furthermore, I have obtained his pension claim where W.R. Wadsworth states he enlisted in February or March of 1864, and was taken to Ship Island after his capture at Blakeley.

I am looking for some help in the following areas: What battles did Company G fight after February or March 1864? Where can I find information relating to Ship Island? Also, I would like to search information concerning Camp Townsend. Hope I haven't put too much into this e-mail; however, I have watched this web site for several months and there are several extremely knowledgeable folks contributing information, and I want to utilize your expertise.

Erick Wadsworth
Nampa, Idaho

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