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At a flea market in Dallas a while back, I ran across part of a tattered copy of the Nashville Banner newspaper--
edition of Oct. 4, 1913. (shortly after the death of John Randolph Eggleston in nearby Sewanee, TN.) It has a fascinating, long,detailed piece on Eggleston's service in the Confederate States Navy, including his part in the famed battle between the Merrimac (CSS Virginia) & the Monitor at Hampton Roads March 9, 1862. Earlier, he served in the U.S. Navy.

The old paper led me to research and write a magazine article about Captain Eggleston. I located and interviewed a descendant of his, who gave me a lot of valuable information as well as an excellent photo of Eggleston.

I'd be happy to share this photo. Also,copies of the full 1913 article can be obtained from:

The Nashville Room

The Public library of Nashville and Davidson County

615 Church St.

Nashville, TN. 37219-2314

Bill Brown

Richardson, Texas

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