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Re: 36th Mississippi and 37th Mississippi Sources

Here are some sources that may be of help - if you have any questions, just let me know,
Jeff Giambrone

34th Regiment Mississippi Infantry

Autry, George Monroe. [Pvt., Co. K] Recollection. Located in the Mary Autry Greer

Papers, University of Texas at Arlington Library, University of Texas, Arlington,


Boone, David B., Jr. Honor Without a Stain: The Story of the 34th Mississippi Infantry

Regiment, 1862-1865. (Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, 2002).

Rogan, Lafayette. [2nd Lt., Co. B] Diary, 1864. A copy is in the collections of the Old

Court House Museum, Vicksburg, MS.

Spight, Thomas. [Capt., Co. B] Eight letters, 14 December 1860 – 5 February 1865.

Catalog # M47, McCain Library, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg,

MS. Spight also served in the 2nd Regiment Mississippi Infantry, Formerly 4th

Regiment, Army of 10,000 (Davidson’s).

36th Regiment Mississippi Infantry

Buckley, Reuben E. [Pvt., Co. I] Letters, 1863-1864. Located in the Buckley Civil War

Letters, Mitchell Memorial Library, Mississippi State University, Mississippi

State, MS.

Clarke, George Powell. [Pvt., Sgt., Co. C] Reminiscence and Anecdotes of the War for

Southern Independence. Decatur, MS: Privately published, 1996.

Fulghum, James M. [Capt., Co. K] Letter, 24 September 1862. Located in the Old

Court House Museum Collections, Vicksburg, MS. Letter describing the

battle of Iuka, MS., September 19, 1862.

Harris, Lewis Binghaman. [Capt., Co. G] Papers, 19 June 1849 – 28 February 1917.

Catalog # Z 983, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, MS.

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