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John (L.?) "Zibie" Hunt, & Jesse Carson Hunt?

I am searching for my ancestor/s, John "Zibie" Hunt, b. circa 1824, Houston or Crawford County, GA; to Thomas and Nancy Morgan Hunt.
Thomas and Nancy had several sons besides Zibie, including 2 fairly well documented Confederate soldiers: Jesse Carson Hunt, and Calvin Jones Hunt, twins born circa 1830 in Marietta, GA. Calvin Jones enlisted in the Water Valley regiment out of Yalobusha County; he died sometime after 1900 in Red River Parish, LA.
Jesse Carson I can find no further information on than that he died as a Confederate soldier.
Zibie moved to Yalobusha County, MS @ some point in his life, married twice, once to Luraney Newberry, the second time to my ancestress, Susannah Duke Culpepper Hunt.
Zibie and Susannah had 2 sons, William Richmond Hunt, b. 19 Oct. 1860, and George Henry "Babe" Hunt, b. 20 July 1863.
Both sons were born in Yalobusha Co., MS. (George Henry is my direct ancestor.)
At this point, I can find no further trace of Zibie Hunt, other than a possible death date ranging between 1863-1869.
His wife and sons next show up on the Census records in 1870 in Jefferson County, AR, listed as S.E. Hunt, HoH. George Henry, my great great Grandfather, was 7.
I am active in the local SCV camp - despite the fact that I am not a "Son", the gentlemen do not grudge that fact against me. It was suggested by one of these gentlemen that this board might be able to help me with my MIA's, so to speak. He felt that Zibie in particular may have been killed in the War.
I would be most appreciative if anyone can help me trace the whereabouts of either one or both of these missing ancestors of mine, Zibie and/or Jesse Carson Hunt.
Thank you so much for your time and effort; I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to e mail me @ the following address if you locate any information:
Kind Regards,

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