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Mississippi steamboats used during 1862 Dix-Hill

Thought I would share information I discovered after years of research of the 1862 Dix-Hill Cartel POW exchange from historic Cairo and Memphis newspaper accounts and Official Records, War of Rebellion, Series II, Volume IV.
Four steamers left Cairo, Illinois on August 28, 1862 with 3,900 CSA prisoners of war aboard, Captain Lazelle commanding. The steamers were named the Chancellor, the J.S. Pringle, the Emerald and the Champion No.3. The steamers arrived at the agreed exchange point, Young's Point, Louisiana on September 10th, 12 miles above Vicksburg. The prisoners were duly exchanged across the deck of the steamer John H. Done.
The Confederate prisoners were taken to Vicksburg and then by rail to the Fairgrounds adjacent to the Mississippi. 335 Union prisoners were sent north on the steamers according to the September 26th New York Tribune reporting from Helena, Arkansas

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Mississippi steamboats used during 1862 Dix-Hill
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