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Gulfport flag ban

It is a fact hardly anyone knew of these discussions beforehand.


Council members,

I just found out late last night you are considering banning the flying of the Mississippi state flag from all Gulfport facilities. If this is true I strongly object simply because there is no valid reason for this action.

Yes I know some argue that our flag represents the institution of slavery. To that I say hogwash. That is a false argument to tug on peoples emotional strings. It has no bearing to the truth. The Mississippi flag does not represent slavery in the same degree that the United States flag represents slavery.

It is a historical fact that the so "Civil War" had nothing to do with slavery. It is also a historical the Confederate Battle Flag never flew over a slave ship. It is a historical fact that many Blacks fought for the South. Are you going to dishonor their service too? It is a historical fact that Lincoln was a racist. He had no intention of freeing any slaves and did so only as a war measure. If you doubt anything I have stated, then let's debate, let's prove our points.

What needs to be done is educating those who will destroy our heritage. Perhaps you can build a display where facts not lies and bigoted opinions are found but researched facts. Educate the young ones and make sure that anyone employed with the city knows Mississippi history.

Again I say I am against any removal or ban of the Mississippi flags from our buildings. Do the right thing and preserve the heritage of all Mississippians.

Best regards,
George Purvis
Elaine Purvis

Please write Mayor Billy Hewes at this address and protest this move.

Office of the Mayor
P.O. Box 1780
Gulfport, MS 39501
(228) 868-5700

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