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I have waited far too long opening the North Carolina in the Civil War Message Board. This site completes our full-range of the eleven Southern States, officially recognized as the Confederate States of America.

Statistically, the state of North Carolina suffered more than any other in the prosecution of the American Civil War. North Carolinians were represented heroically and tragically on every major battlefield of the Eastern and Western Theaters of the war.

This site is devoted to the study of these men and the contribution of North Carolina and North Carolinians to this great conflict. It is my hope that the North Carolina in the Civil War Message Board will grow to be one of our premier sites and that we may cumulatively, add something of value, to the understanding of this great state's and its people's participation in the War Between the States.

Thank you for your participation and please tell others about the existence of this site.

With best regards,

Jim Martin

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