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We are under attack from all angles

Folks I feel like I am in this war by myself. I actually see little or no help from anyone. Can't understand why. Can someone tell me? Where are all the Southern patriots I read about?

Here is a blog post I made this morning to Cold Southern Steel. If you have a tweeter account and would consider post some opposing views to Nick Sacco, it would help.

Some tweets from Nick Sacco—
Posted on December 18, 2018,

marked and tagged to this Grant article because it is where I found these tweets. I assume the NCPH is this

Note that it costs to join? To me that is hardly a public institution. One can join and discuss history in many free sites without joining a group that requires payment. Another thought why should we think they are unbiased?
Nick Sacco

4 hours ago
NCPH criticized UNC’s plans for the Silent Sam monument partly b/c it left historians out of the decision-making process, but Jonathan Zimmerman is angry at NCPH, students (particularly minority students), & faculty who criticized the new history center.

Given the fact that historians’ perspectives have been disregarded so far, what makes Zimmerman think those voices will be valued if this history center is completed? The criticisms have been valid so far. Just a really condescending essay all around.

Here are some tweets from Nick Sacco. I understand that Mr. Sacco is a historian who works at Genl. Grant’s old home. Published by Nick Sacco

Historian and musician on a perpetual mission to find the next great read.
So this being known and given the nature of Nick’s tweets I ask simply —Why should we believe a biased and bigoted Yankee historian? Why not a Southern historian. Are there any unbiased historians known who can actually give the causes of the war. why not me? I back up everything I say with actual documents of the period. I have challenged anyone who comes down the pike to prove me wrong, none has done so at this time. So again I say to you why should we believe you or any other biased historian?

Nick you can send any of your readers to challenge me that you will. You are welcome to post civil remarks here. Folks for the most part Mr. Sacco has been civil in what few comments he has made here, I do not want you to get the wrong impression from my post.

George Purvis