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Lt. Colonel James Calvin Land 93rd Militia

Seeking info on this unit from Wilkes County. Lt.Colonel James Calvin Land of the 93rd ( Wilkes County ) regiment NC Militia. was commissioned in March 1862. At the outbreak of the Civil War, the NC Militia units were absorbed into the home & railroad guards. While his brother, Thomas served from the Seven Days to Five Forks and was twice severally wounded, James never left North Carolina, and I expect was hardly ever out of Wilkes County. A lot of his duties consisted of bringing in conscripts to the various Camps of Instruction ( Camp Vance, Camp Holmes, etc. ) I've one document showing he delivered " 21 negroes " to the Confederate base and hospital at Salisbury, NC. about the same time it became a Camp of Instruction after Kirk's destruction of Camp Vance. Is there a roster of all the men in this unit? I have only one other name, Lieutenant James Linville Bumgarner.