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Here is a casualty list for the 4th North Carolina

This appeared in the North Carolina Adjutant General's roll of honor scrapbook. There is no date givven, but the paragraph to the left gives the date of August 27th for another list.

Here are the names of the casualties. Can anyone tel me where and on what dates they were lost?

4th MC - Col. Dennis Ferebee

Co. A. J.P. Kendall, wounded slight in hand, private W.F Tyron, in leg, and B.F. Davis, in leg. Private James P. Richarson, missing.

Company B - Sergeant John B. Haynes wounded in mouth, Sergt. James F. FOrd, wounded in head and a prisoner, private J.W. Willis, in knee. Private John Ferrell, missing.

Company C - J.H. Stokes, wounded slight in him.

Company D - Private A.J. Bridgers, wounded in head, Frank McGerallm, in arm, J. Russell, in leg. Private J.B. GraZnt, missing.

Company E - Private William Biggins, missing.

Company F - Privaated D. Rice, wounded in elbow, W.H. Gill, in hand, severe, J.H. Daughtry in head.

Company G - Private W.F. Moss, wounded, slight in side.

Company H - Corporal J.J. Applewhite, wounded slight in side, Privates James > Ellis, seere in thigh, James Farmer, in leg and knee, S.J. Peele in hip.

Company K - Private Redmond Carl, mortally wounded in head, Corp. D.W. Parker, slight in side.

Total: wounded 20, missing 32 - 23


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