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Capture of Capt. B.C. Clement, Co.E 7th NC Cavalry

First account:

Three privates capture 15 rebel cavalry

William M. Streyer, Achlin MCREASEY and Walter Cronkite, privates of major Jacquin's 16th Michigan sharpshooters, this morning captured 15 rebel Calvary – – a captain, sergeant, and 13 private. Pursuing their vocation and skirmish runs on our front on our front they saw the these cameramen moving along and cautiously advanced to intercept them. Heart and surrender called out scriber surrender to whom inquisitively inquisitively responded Captain Clements leader of the rebel horseman. You are in rear of our battle line and it is surrender or speedy death to you replied Streever. The captain surrendered, give up his sword car being in revolver and told his man to follow his example, which they of course did the three cab doors mount marched their prisoners to go to headquarters very much chagrined were Captain Clements and his men to find they had been made the victims of a sharpe Yankee trip trip premises; but their chagrin came too late the men belong to the 16s North Carolina cavalry regiment. New York Herald April 4,1865 p. 1 col.4

Second account:

The following dispatch from Colonel locke to general webb, written 11 AM April 1, describes an achievement which deserves mention, and which seems alike indicative of the sinking spirits of the Confederates:

I have the honor to send the following report: Captain B.C. Clement with one sergeant and 13 men of the 16th North Carolina Cavalry, Roberts brigade, Lee’s division, Have just been received. They were captured this morning by three men of the first division sharpshooters, major JACKLIN commanding. The three men went through the lines of the second corps to find the first division (which had moved early this morning from the former position), and after passing around the picket line of the second corps came upon these men in two squads and captured them. The names of the captors W. W. Cronkite , J. Mccrory, and William Stuvel,, all of the 16th Michigan volunteers detailed as sharpshooters. The horses of the prisoners were brought in with them. Our escort being short of horses they have been retained here. The prisoners will be sent up at once (official records volume 46 part one page 827.)