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CW History of the Christians and Stokes of N.C.

According to the "History of Jones County, Georgia, 1807-1907," Memorial Editon reprinted 2003, by Carolyn White Williams, with index by Margaret Heard Stephens, pages 473-475, Mr. S.H. Griswold, descendant of the Griswold Confederate munitions manufacturing family, had written
"Hardy Christian and Descendants."

At Hayward, N.C. in the early part of 1800 lived Hardy Christian, occasionally he would go into Raleigh, N.C.

Written information from rootsweb genealogy suggests that the correct spelling is Haywood in Chatham County, North Carolina.

Hardy Christian married a widow lady named Mrs. Ruth Stokes in Chatham County, N.C., on November 4, 1811. Also, information sent to me suggests that both the Christian and Stokes families appear in the North Carolina census records for 1790; 1800; 1810; and 1820. The Stokes family has put on-line the family land records, dozens of family land records. There is included a land record for Mrs. Ruth Stokes Christian and Hardy Christian.

Civil War History:

My great, great, great grandfather, Henry Christian was from North Carolina, as was his wife, Mrs. Nancy Womack Christian. This is according to the 1850 census of Jones County, Georgia.

According to the "History of Jones County, Georgia, 1807-1907," Henry Christian was a Civil War sheriff in Jones County, Georgia. He was commissioned sheriff from January 23, 1862 through February 16, 1864. Henry Christian was commissioned Civil War tax collector for Jones County, Georgia, from February 16, 1864, through March 8, 1866. Civil war buffs might know about General Sherman's March to the Sea.

Their sons were serving in Company F, 45th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry. First Sgt. Hardy Christian, C.S.A., who was named after the early Christian, was serving and was surrendered at Appomattox. Pvt. William Christian was serving and died at Guiney Station, Virginia, in May of 1862.

Lucinda Christian Mitchell, a Confederate civil war widow, was my great, great grandmother. Her photograph appears in the book "Volume II, Generations of History," by Jones County News, 2003.

Any Civil War history? How much is Siler's "History of Chatham County, North Carolina," and where can you obain a copy?

I am also interested in family history records for the War of 1812 and the American Revolutionary War.

Christian-Mitchell relations:

Several people in the family have said that Henry Mitchell, Revolutionary Soldier, of Jones County, Georgia, was serving in the Morgan District Superior Court region of North Carolina, during the American Revolutionary War. This region includes what is now numerous counties and several states. I understand that in several counties they were rattling the snakes. Sure would love to know Henry Mitchell's regimental history and company. What I do have is the "Authentic Listing of the Georgia Land Lottery and American Revolutionary War Veterans" from the Georgia Department of Archives and History. To qualify for this drawing, you did not have to be from Georgia. If you are interested, this listing is available, free of charge, from the internet. To prove it is what I am interested in.

The centuries do fly by, I am interested in the war, too. The Roman women of the Mitchells, see.

Most sincerely,
Terri Annie Hastings

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