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Re: Theoritical question regarding secession

Actually do a google search for "the Republic of Indian Streams".

This republic is now the upper most section of Coos County, New Hampshire. And was in dispute for over 60 years because of a loophole in the Treaty of Paris of 1783, that ended the American Revolution, as to whether it was a part of Canada, or the United States. To finally settle the matter the people that lived in area in dispute declared themselves as an independant country on July 9th 1832, with their own constitution and legal system. The Govenor of New Hampshire used a trumped up incident to send in the New Hampshire Militia and occupy this little republic of less than 350 people and 200,000 acres.

Canada relinquested it claims to this territory in the treaty of Webster-Ashburton 1842. Thus making it a part of the state of New Hampshire.

The southern states secession did not break any "new ground" as the old timers would say.

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Re: Theoritical question regarding secession