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WBTS Radio@nite - talkshow - Eps.1: The CBF

Howdy friends !

A new feature in the history of the radio are the beginning of the WBTS Radio@nite - a Civil War / WBTS talkshow LIVE on the Net - beginning on Saturday November 25th at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST/7 PM MST/6 PM PST/0200 GMT/0300 CEST.

The first episode are themed around the CBF ( Confederate Battleflag)and the keywords are: history,legacy,use and the future.

The show are estimated for 1hr in duration, but if we are having fun, we can of course extend this time.

How can I participate, you say ?
You can do this in many ways - even off the Net.

1) I am sure most of you will connect thru the Net - and to participate both on the live chat and phone with your computer. To participate on the talk you`ll need SkypeOut or Yahoo Voice with a headset and mic. You may combine your land or cellphone with the computer if you want that.

2) You can use your land or cellphone to call and be a part of the show in the same manner as you`ll call a friend. You`ll hear all the participants in your phonespeaker as with a conference call. You`ll of course not be able to join in the live chat.

The bottom line is that you can paticipate where ever you are.

How can I just listen LIVE ?

For listing on the show LIVE and follow the chat - you`ll need to be registered. It`s free, so you don`t have any cost doing this.

Get an invitation from me to participate

If this sounds fun - and you want to be a part of the show. Email me from this post and I`ll send you an invitation.

String to the talkshow page:-

Roy H

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