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Help needed

I remember a discussion a while back on the Battle Hymn of the Republic and why it lacked respect at the time it was written. After getting into a discussion today with a music teacher at school, she said she'd like to know more on that part of the songs history. She's a nice person and doesn't quite get why some don't want Dixie played and knew nothing of the hurt the Battle Hymn caused. She likes Dixie and does want to know the reasons. She's young and publicly educated. What can I say? At least she is willing to listen to another view.
Can anyone give me ammo in defense of why it may be objectionable? I gave my reasons but they sounded, even to me, as rather puny and spiteful. If I'd had all day to go into it I could have made better sense. Some of you are much better at stating things. I would be thankful for any help.