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Re: WBTS Radio@nite - talkshow - Eps.4

Howdy friends,
It seems that the connection to are extreemly slow tonight, so I have in the last 30 min tried to get into my own show, but without luck.

There is an update of the Talkshoe-client that are the problem, and when one only gets 0,5kb a sec on a broadbandline - one understand there is something wrong.

The show for today are as you understand cancelled - and I am deeply sorry for that, but it ain`t something I can do about.

This is the internet in a nutshell..

I`ll air the episode next weekend - and do feel free to join in then.

If you are in the States at the moment - I would like to get your feedback on the Talkshoe sites responseness for you.

Click on the link below to test.

I am going to bed - it`s 0330am over here..

Roy H

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WBTS Radio@nite - talkshow - Eps.4
Re: WBTS Radio@nite - talkshow - Eps.4
The show this morning are LIVE