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Civil War school at Ft. Niagara

Welcoming Artillery, Infantry, Medical Corp, Signal Corp, Musicians, Civilians and Sutlers We are honored to present to you this registration packet for the Civil War garrison to be held on May 4, 5 and 6, 2007 at Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, New York. This is the 19th event sponsored by Reynolds Battery L at this site.

Old Fort Niagara is a historic landmark which we are honored to be permitted to use for this weekend. 'History happened here' - dating back to 1657 when the beginning foundations of the stone fortress were begun where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario. Today the Fort is a privately administered association within the New York State Office of Parks and Historical Preservation system, and is one of the largest and most successful tourist attractions in the state. Every year during this school, tour groups from places as far away as Russia and China visit. We hope all participants take some time to view the Fort, talk to the staff and interpreters, and respect the site.

This garrison weekend, whether you wear blue or gray, the school is dedicated to one simple goal: the training of reenactors in the safe portrayal of their branch. To a lesser degree, it is the hope that, in brotherhood, we can continue to strive to make this hobby enjoyable and accurate to ourselves, our comrades, and the public.

Except for general formations for colors, award presentations, and guest speakers, each organization should plan, schedule, administer and certify by staff from their own organizations. In other words, the surgeons will train the surgeons, the infantry will train the infantry, and so on. We encourage any civilians who attend, to work together and share their ideas among the various civilians there.

The registration area will open at 4:00 PM on Friday, May 4th , and will remain open until 10:00 PM that evening. It will reopen at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning until 10:00 AM. If you will arrive at a different time, and have not been to the Fort before, please contact Lieutenant John Beatty at so we can make arrangements to meet you.
General Rules and Regulations

1. Use Common Sense! If in doubt, ask a staff officer.

2. We ask that as many soldiers as possible, camp on the grounds of the Fort in period tents (no modern tents allowed). The Fort asks to have a filled bucket for every two tents.

3. There is limited space for sleeping in the Fort buildings, given on a first-come, first-served basis. Cots are strongly recommended, especially for the officers staying in the officer's rooms.

4. No camping in the parking lot. Vans, trucks, cars, trailers for guns, motor homes, campers and etc., must use the designated parking area set up by the Fort. This will be pointed out to you when you register.

5. No kerosene lamps, heaters, etc., allowed anywhere in Fort Niagara. All flames (candles, lanterns, etc.) must be in an enclosed vessel.

6. There is no smoking in any building at any time. Cigarette smoking will be restricted outside the Fort during operational hours. Period smoking (cigars and pipes) will be limited to the parade ground only.

7. No fires are allowed in any of the French Castle's fireplaces. Fires in the blockhouses must have a fire watch on duty while the fire is lit.

8. No digging of any kind on the Fort grounds.

9. All outdoor fires and cooking will be limited to the fire pads near the camping area. All cooking equipment will be of a period style.

10. Participants will be supplied with firewood and water. The Fort has modern bathrooms and washing areas on site.

11. No vehicles will be allowed in the Fort during operational hours. On Friday, after 5:00 p.m., at the discretion and permission of the Provost Marshall, vehicles will be allowed inside the Fort to unload equipment. On Sunday, after 4:00 p.m., at the discretion and permission of the Provost Marshall, vehicles will again be allowed inside the Fort to load equipment. If you need to leave early on Sunday, please plan ahead!

12. Cannon trailers can be unloaded from the front portal.

13. This is a military camp and military courtesy will be strictly enforced. This includes exiting and entering the Fort with passes, saluting officers, demonstrating proper manners to civilians, etc. Also, since soldiers here are on garrison duty, soldiers must be clean and in full dress uniform during daylight hours.

14. We realize that training is the primary goal for the weekend. If you have recruits who are not fully outfitted, have them wear what they have.

15. Bring warm clothes for under your uniform (long johns, etc.). The weather could (and has) range from 25 degrees at night to 76 degrees during the day, with a cold wind off Lake Ontario. Be ready for inclement weather.

16. Civilians are asked to remain in period clothes during daylight hours.

17. All non-period equipment must be covered during the day.

18. Officers and non-commissioned officers will be responsible for the men of their unit at all times. This includes their actions and the inspection of weapons for safety.

19. Sutlers are welcome and will be permitted to sell to the public.

20. If you have any questions, problem, suggestions or comments, you can ask the Provost Marshall or the Adjutant. We will try our utmost to instruct our staff on our rules, etc., and will do our best to answer your questions.

21. In case of emergencies, the Officer of the day will be on duty Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 24 hours a day. You can also check with the registration tent, or at night, the staff quarters on the first floor, in the old prison (near the bathrooms).

Artillery Rules and Regulation
1. Artillery units that are traveling more than 10 (ten) hours do not have to bring a gun. Units traveling less than that, are asked to bring at least one full-scale or 1/2 scale gun.

2. No rounds will be made on site. This includes muskets, revolver and artillery rounds. All charges must be pre-made charges. No loose powder is allowed in the Fort.

3. All artillery ammunition must be in a secure, locked limber chest, or be stored in the Fort's magazine at night. See the Adjutant or Provost Marshall for location of this magazine.

4. Each artillery piece will wait five (5) minutes between firings and will be double-sponged. This is required by the State of New York for all artillery on State property.

5. All certification and recertification candidates will attend all assigned classes and be duly certified by an artillery inspector to earn certification. Certification (and recertification) costs $1.00 per person to offset the cost of the paperwork, and is separate from the registration fee.

Off-Site Lodging
For those of you who wish to stay in a hotel, we recommend one of the following. Both are located in Lewiston, six miles from the Fort:
Riverside Inn (716-754-4101)
Portage House (716-754-8295)
Please keep in mind, that there is a popular fishing derby the same weekend as the school, so they may be booked quickly. Make reservations early. If the hotels we recommend are booked, you can try:
Youngstown Hotel (716-745-9906)
Ontario House (716-745-7557) (A bed and breakfast)

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