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Benard E. Bee-Stonewall Jackson

Excerpt from the Traditions and History of Anderson County (S.C.)by Louise Ayer Vandiver-An Electronic copy of the book originally published 1928, Ruralist Press, 326 pages. ©2005 Han-Ack Publishing.

“Probably the soldier from Anderson County (S.C) whose name is best known throughout the South was Barnard E. Bee. He was really a Charleston (S.C.) man, but he had a summer home in Pendleton (S.C.), and his body was returned to Pendleton for burial. So he must have given that as his home town when he enlisted. He was a brave soldier and no only fought well but gave up his life for the cause. But he is remembered for his words and not for his deeds. His career was very short but brilliant. For three long hours he had been fighting McDowell’s great army at Manassas, with a pitiful small body of men. Finally, almost exhausted, they were giving back (retreating) when Thomas J. Jackson with his brigade came to their aid; it was then that Bee, rallying his discouraged men, pointed to Jackson and exclaimed: “Look, men, where Jackson stands like a stone wall! Follow the Virginians!” These words, spoken on the spur of the moment, were to become immortal, and were to give to the greatest soldier of the century a name which should almost entirely supersede his baptismal one. And they were the last the young soldier was to utter, for he fell, shot to death as he spoke.” (page 227)

This story has been repeated many times, but it is still worth remembering as a part of our Southern Heritage.

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