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Gen Jubal Early

I never knew about Early's outright abhorrence of certain Confederate Generals and others and his work with the post "Lost Cause" after the war while some say “ engineering the near deification of General Robert E. Lee” until I read one of his signed letters up on auction below:

Confederate general (1816–1894) who led troops at Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Spotsylvania. Though pardoned by President Johnson in 1868, Early remained unrepentant and was one of the leading supporters of the “Lost Cause” movement, reserving special vitriol for the actions of Confederate General James Longstreet at Gettysburg. March 10, 1871. Early writes from Lynchburg to the Revd. John Wm. Jones. In part: “I send you two copies of my reply to a communication of Genl. Longstreet, in which he pitched into you, Fitz Lee, Genl. Pendleton & myself, like a thousand of brick. He has said very little about you, except to clap you with Pendleton & myself, and to make you my mouthpiece. File two or three copies of the papers among the papers of the … Historical Society, and ‘place’ the others ‘where they will do some good’—that is distribute them among those likely to take an interest in the matter. I wish you would get the Dispatch to publish the whole reply but I suppose it is too long for that paper….” Early goes on to note a few typographical errors, and concludes: “I send a corrected copy of General Beauregard’s letter on Sherman, which he wants substituted for the one before sent, and he wishes the former one returned to him….”