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New books to me, old to others

I just received in the mail two books, "Decision in Mississippi", 1962, by Edwin C. Bearss, and "The Battle of Jackson; The Siege of Jackson; and Three Other Post-Vicksburg Actions", 1981, by Edwin C. Bearss.

What is interesting about "Decision in Mississippi" is that it was published as part of Mississippi's Centenial Celebration of the Civil War. In it are the roles of 88 units of the Mississippi Greys, Mississippi's Military Force in Memoriam, a reenators army, used in the January 9, 1961 Ordanance of Secession Parade. There are probably 3,500 names from Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry units formed from almost every major town in Mississippi. I have never heard of this before. Anybody interested, let me know and I'll do a look up.

David Upton