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Jeff Bull

Found this report in the O.R. and it was easy to find the soldier in question.

Soldiers and Sailors System.

Jefferson Bull
Regiment Name 8 Tennessee Cavalry.
Side Union
Company F
Soldier's Rank_In Pvt
Soldier's Rank_Out Pvt


Lieut. Col. L. RICHMOND, Knoxville, Tenn., October 22, 1863.
Assistant Adjutant. General, Army of the Ohio:

COLONEL: I have the honor to call the attention of the commanding general to the lawlessness of troops in the vicinity of Strawberry Plains and Mossy Creek. Representations are made to this office that outrages are frequently committed by the soldiers of that vicinity upon the persons and property of unoffending citizens for the alleged reason that they have heretofore manifested sympathy with the rebellion. The frequent recurrence of these outrages calls for some stringent measures to repress the growing evil, which threatens to work serious injury to our cause.
On Thursday, the 8th instant, 4 soldiers, professing to be from Strawberry Plains, and one, calling himself Jeff. Bull, and understood to belong to the Eighth Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry, visited the house of John Nance, a citizen of Grainger County, Tenn., on the pretense of searching for arms. They told Mr. Nance that they understood he had money, and demanded $10 apiece, which being refused theme they procure an ax and split open his bureau, but were disappointed in not finding any money. They then demanded Mr. Nance’s only horse, which he refused to surrender, whereupon they threatened to hang him, but were finally dissuaded, and went away. On the 16th instant an armed force of 7 men again visited his house during his absence, abused his wife, demanded to know where her husband’s money was, and threatened to burn the house over her head. They then helped themselves to wearing apparel and other articles and went away. Mr. Nance states that such things are common in his neighborhood, and cites numerous examples.

Respectfully, &c.,


Brigadier-General, and Provost-Marshal, East Tennessee."

David Upton

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