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Fort Craig NM- Battle of Valverde

I just visited the Fort Craig area site. The forts foundations still exist and some of the walls. It's size is impressive about 1600 feet across. The main overall impression I felt was that this was no place for a Civil War battle. The vastness and emptyness of this land demands respect for the dangers of this desert. I still cannot imagine marching an army of nearly 2,500 men with all their mules and horses that far from supplies and good transportation.

The pictures below do not give even a good idea of the remoteness and desolation of this land. The references to Black Mesa or Table Mountain on the link are to a flat topped lava flow standing 300 feet above the Rio Grande River, the largest land mark in the area. Except for a couple of months in winter, this area is usually dead dry, with very little green vegetation.

If you are ever going to visit this site be aware the closest services or town is Socorro NM thirty miles to the north.

David Upton

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Fort Craig NM- Battle of Valverde
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