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Tombstone dedication near Statesboro,GA

A tombstone dedication will take place this Saturday June 20th near Statesboro, Georgia for those of you who may live near that area and might like to attend. I will be traveling cross state myself. The following is a brief history which led to the event:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp 1535 invited us to come up for a Memorial Day service at Camp Chase Confederate Prison to accept a memorial stone for the Bland family in honor of our great-great grandfather's service. He was captured at the Battle of Atlanta on 24 JuL 1864. He was taken to Louisville KY and transferred by train to Columbus Ohio, Camp Chase. He died of pneumonia on 24 NOV 1864. He was buried in the Camp Cemetery, but that same night,grave robbers dug him up and sold his body to the Medical College at the University of Ohio Medical school. So, Grandpa went to medical school, but not quite the way we would have liked.
On 20JUN 2009, we have permission of Upper Mill Creek Primitive Baptist Church, near Statesboro to place his stone next to his wife, Jincy Crumpton Bland Jones, and they are letting us use their social hall for a dinner after the service.
Bob and I will provide the paper products and plastic ware,spoons, forks, knives, cups and ice. for the potluck/covered dish dinner.
Our Great grandmother , Louisa Woodrum gave the land for Upper Mill Creek church and cemetery , 4.5 acres out of the estate of Ivy Bland, our great-grandfather.

ceremony: begins at 1:00 p.m. Lt. Comander of the Dixie Gards,Hu Daughtry, will speak at Upper Mill Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Statesboro.For the potluck: A meat dish, A vegetable, salad or dessert and whatever youlike to drink. Directions: FromI-16, take Hwy 301 thru statesboro, past the courthouse,just beyond the courthouse, take Hwy 80West to Hwy 25 hopulikit. Where 80 and 25 separate,take 25go 1.1 milesgo 1.1miles. Look for Moore Rd on the left. Turn onto Moore Rd. The church and cemetery sit back just a little way from the paved Road.Look for hw 25.We will take an offering in appreciation to the church for allowing us to use their facilities. We are expecting a good number of the many descendants of Hiram Bland. You are almost guaranteed to find out that someone you have known your whole life is actually your cousin. Be careful what you say abutyour relatives.
Contact information: Ann@home 770467-8484.
Bob's cell: 770- 468-7139
We will be at The Garden Trellis Inn in Statesboro on Friday night and Saturdaynight if anyone needs to find us.

This is the article from the Columbus [Ohio] Dispatch about the Memorial Day Service honoring Hiram Bland